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Stealthy Alpaca is... well, stealthy. He's very difficult to locate on my 5 acres in the dark. He doesn't make any audible noises and unlike the horses, you can't even hear his footsteps. He takes great pleasure in hiding behind bushes and not revealing his location as I walk just 10 feet away calling his name. I'm sick of thinking he's escaped, stolen, or dead. PupLight collar solves the problem. Ninja no more, ha!

South Florida,USA

"These lighted collars are great! I got them in order to keep better track of my dogs when I let them out at night. They also help my older dog see my puppy when she runs at her in the dark, and will hopefully make them more visible to vehicles if they ever ran into the street."

Chris Seward

My husband and I take our older Border Collie/Spaniel mix everywhere including camping and to concerts in the park in the evenings. Our pup is mostly dark brown and black. She nearly disappears at night.With this collar we always know where she is and other people definitely know a dog is approaching them. She also gets oodles of attention when she wears it. She looks like the most adorable rave kid ever. Everyone ooohs and awwws over her and wants to know where we got the collar. If she wears it out three or four times a week we'll have to charge it at the end of the week. She has worn it in the rain without any damage.

Los Angeles, CA

 My review after a year:
I thought by this time it wouldnt work for the great price.

I have an English Bulldog and we go for walks usually when I’m back from work around 11pm-12am. He loves walking and sniffing everywhere we go. This light I believe is the best thing I ever purchased ever, quality and durability is beyond what I expected from it.

San Diego, Ca

This Green LED collar is exactly what I was looking for.
1. Bright enough that drivers can see the illuminating green LED light from 500 plus feet.
2. Has four different modes. 1. Fast blink, 2. Slow blink, 3. Solid light, and 4. Off.
3. On a full charge, the collar provides bright for multiple hours. Have not tested how long it holds a charge for.
4. Offers approximately 2 feet of illuminating light on night walks. (Flashlight and reflective gear for owner adds additional safety when crossing roads).

Ashburn, VA