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Keep Your Bestfriend Safe

Night walks, romping in the yard, early morning-exercise… we know your dog is more than a pet, he’s your companion. We created the Puplight LED dog harness to allow the two of you to experience more together with peace-of-mind knowing that your best friend is safe and highly visible. Adventure more together with Puplight.

Puplight: Designed to keep your dog safe and stylish. Made with waterproof materials making the Puplight perfect for those rainy night walks. Alongside 3 different light modes to fit all situations whether you're walking on the sidewalk through the city streets, to hiking on the trail in the deep forest. The Puplight can ensure that your best friend can be seen at all times.

Charging Cable: This can be used to charge the long-lasting rechargeable battery pack that comes standard with the Puplight. With run times up to 6 hours and a quick 1 hour charging time. We ensure that you and your best friend have a fun and relaxing night.

Q:Is the PupLight fully waterproof?

A:The Puplight has a fully waterproof rating. So our dog Collar can be completely submerged in water without a problem.

Q:Can I adjust the length?

A:The Puplight is fully adjustable, we have also made it so the collar can be small enough to go one size down and one size up. Ex: You have a Medium collar, it can be adjusted to the length of a small and a large. This is to keep the collar safe and comfortable on your dog no matter what the size of the collar is.

Q: How long does the battery last?

A: Depending on how long you use the Puplight and if you use it frequently, the PupLight can hold about 6-8 hours on a single full charge.

1: We recommend that you charge the Puplight before its first use to maximize battery life. To charge simply remove the rubber charging port cover and plug in the provided charging cable.

2: Once the Puplight has been fully charged, you can now measure and adjust the collar to perfectly fit your dog. Put the collar on your dog and tighten the buckle until you can only fit 2-3 fingers between the dog's fur and the collar.

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Premium Quality Guaranteed For Life

Your Commited to your dogs safety. So are we.The Puplight is the accumulation of 9 months of work, while listening to the real MVPS.

Our Customers

High Strength and Adjustability.

We're putting the ease into having the perfect fitted dog collar. With each collar having over 3 inches of adjustability, you won't have to worry about having it too loose or tight on your best friend. Alongside our high strength 100% nylon webbing. To ensure that even the biggest and strongest breeds can't break the Puplight


A steady output of light that is good for walking around with your dog on the leash. This mode is best for walking around the neighborhood.

Fast Flash

This mode makes your dog stick out the most, even in the darkest parts of night. With the quick strobes, we insure your pets safety.

Slow Flash

The slow flash mode has a slow strobe which not only uses less battery than the fast flash, and solid modes, but it still grabs the attention of sleepy drivers. This mode is ideal for long night walks across town.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Puplight is completely rechargeable with the included USB type C charger.

Yes, your dog can go swimming with the puplight on. Although we recommend taking the Puplight off to extend the life of your collar.

The Puplight has a built-in indicator that turns the collar red when it is charging. Then when the battery is full, the indicator will turn off.

But the Puplight can get a full charge within 30 minutes to 1 hour.